Clydesdales and Athenas – Affiliate Marketers Fitness Challenge #1


Five folks from the affiliate marketing industry have banded together for this episode of a brand new show! Come join us as we talk about fitness, weight loss and our own successes and failures in the quest for a healthy, fit lifestyle.

I’m super excited to introduce a new QAQN podcast! This one is a big team effort, springing out of a Facebook group dedicated to dropping some weight and getting into better shape. The group is called Affiliate Marketers Fitness Challenge (yes, just like the podcast) and this show serves as the public face of a private group. There are eight of us in the group and each show will feature some combination of members, depending on everyone’s schedule. This time, it’s myself, Shawn Collins (Affiliate Summit), Greg Hoffman (Greg Hoffman Consulting), Jared Saunders (JensonUSA) and Jamie Perez (JensonUSA).

Our inaugural effort details who we are, what our goals are for weight loss and fitness, and what challenges we’re going to face reaching our goals. We’re entering into a social contract and we’ll use that to hold ourselves accountable to each other. None of us wants to be the one to show up and report failure, which can be a good motivator.

In a case of terrible timing, I was sick when this scheduled recording came up, so I don’t quite sound like myself. Sorry about that!

Thanks for listening!

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