Down is Down – Affiliate Marketers Fitness Challenge #3


AMFC is powered this week by myself, Wade Tonkin and Greg Hoffman.

Wade was vexed by having to choose from the items on the menu from a BBQ restaurant at the behest of his company. He decided to go with the blackened salmon, which prompted a discussion about what exactly “blackened” means. Honestly, I had no idea. Also: seafood restaurants and how to navigate them.

I talked at length about the new bike that I have and how it makes a significant difference in the quality of my exercise. I explained how I got the bike, where it came from and why I have it. It wasn’t a “hey, I think I’ll buy a bike” situation; the bike was given to me by JensonUSA in exchange for blogging my experiences with it. More about that on Yet Another Weight Loss Show #25.

Greg is recovering from his successful shoulder surgery and we gave him props for handling the whole situation really well. While some people would simply give up, feel sorry for themselves and start two-fisting junk food, Greg is restless, eager to get back to work and only using one hand for the junk food – while still balancing that with some normal food choices. The medication has been a little rough, though.

All three of us have seen a weight loss over the past week. None of us had a giant drop, but were all in the range of 1-3 pounds or so. Down is down though, and we’ll count our successes where we find them!

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