Making a Lifestyle Change – Affiliate Marketers Fitness Challenge #2


Hosted this time by Daniel M. Clark, Jared Saunders and Wade Tonkin.

This week on AMFC we welcome Wade Tonkin to the team. Wade is our heaviest participant and clocks in at 330 pounds. His short term goal is to drop 20 pounds by Affiliate Summit West in January, and long term, to drop about 100 pounds to end up around 220-240. Jared and I agreed that Wade is going to be the man to beat in this competition. Just watch… he’s going to destroy us all.

It can be tougher for someone who is fit and with only 15 or 20 pounds to lose to drop the weight than for someone who is 100+ pounds overweight to drop that same 15 or 20 pounds. Jared has the answers as to why that is.

Also in this episode, a fit man’s quest to get fat (and then get fit again), my awesome new bike from JensonUSA, and how to eat fried food in a responsible way.

Wade provided us with a fantastic explanation of Weight Watchers, as well. With so many diet organizations out there it can be hard to keep track of them all. Which ones work on point systems? Which ones do you have to buy food from? Wade set the record straight.

All this and more – thanks for listening!

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