Mixing it Up – Affiliate Marketers Fitness Challenge #6


Daniel, Jared and Jennifer are on the show this week with a Thanksgiving recap, the effects of short bursts of exercise, muscle memory and developing patterns & habits. Two new challenges have been issued, and we’re getting closer to our first milestone, January’s Affiliate Summit West.

We started with our Thanksgiving recap, in which Jared described a fairly large swing in his weight. He got lazy for a week but undid the damage in just a couple of days, which is pretty awesome.

I referenced a Cracked.com article about running. For a comedy site, it’s rather insightful and educational. Brockway is right – it’s not an all or nothing scenario.

Mixing it up, keeping the exercise fresh to use different muscles and not let the body get into a rut, that’s important. Even biking a different route can help, as Jared explains. He also recommends joining a riding group locally to find people to ride with. I get nervous riding on fast roads, and going with a group, Jared says, can help with that.

We got off on a bit of a tangent about Florida but managed to bring it back around. Just watch out for the giant mutant roaches – I mean, Palmetto bugs.

Developing patterns and habits, learning to schedule things… that can be a great aid to getting in shape. Jennifer and Jared schooled me pretty hard (as I’m writing this, I’m working off of a daily schedule I wrote up this morning, and it’s working!).

The challenge this week – get everyone on the show next week! Also, Jennifer wrote up a great ten-minute challenge in our private Facebook group that we will all use. Next week, we will all check in with our starting weight, current weight and goal weight, as we close in on our first milestone. Affiliate Summit West is only five weeks away!

Lastly, check out Shari’s YouTube channel for inspiration on exercises.

Thanks for listening!

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