Rock Climbing! – Affiliate Marketers Fitness Challenge #15


We’ve got a packed house this week with appearances by Greg Hoffman, Jill Swartwout, Jennifer Myers Ward, Jared Saunders, Shari Friedman and me, Daniel M. Clark.

This episode is all about updates on everyone’s efforts. Our individual challenges are going well and with a larger crew, we have more challenges to issue.

A few takeaways:

  • Not all salads are created equal
  • Your brain operates differently when you ditch diet sodas
  • Your body works its magic when you give it time to recover from a workout
  • There’s a fine line between doing enough and doing too much (with regard to workouts)
  • Jen is a natural rock climber, even in stylish boots
  • Shari has a great article about pre-cooking meals for the week and one about eating in restaurants

Thanks for listening!

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