Seek and Destroy HFCS – Affiliate Marketers Fitness Challenge #4


It’s the biggest show yet as seven(!) team members join in for a lively discussion of health and fitness. The gauntlet has been thrown. High fructose corn syrup is going down, baby. And we’ve got three new members!

We had a packed house for this episode! Joining in today were:

  • Me, Daniel M. Clark
  • Shawn Collins
  • Jared Saunders
  • Jamie Perez
  • Jennifer Myers Ward
  • Jill Swartout
  • and Shari “Shari Fitness” Friedman

(I have to be honest – I thought with so many people scheduled to join in that it would be a mess of people talking over each other, but it was nearly perfect. I couldn’t ask for a smoother group of people for a show). We each gave updates since our last appearances on the show and the newcomers (Jennifer, Jill and Shari) gave us a rundown of why they’re in the group and what they hope to accomplish.

We had a great conversation about high fructose corn syrup which led to this week’s Challenge Master challenge (a new feature on the show). We will all spend the week after this show looking at the labels of everything we eat and noting which items have HFCS in them. We will use these lists after next week’s show to cut down our HFCS intake by half.

We also covered the Race to Affiliate Summit West 2012 DailyMile challenge to benefit the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer that Shawn set up. Participate by joining DailyMile!

Thanks for listening!

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