The Hatred of Water – Affiliate Marketers Fitness Challenge #9


This week on AMFC it’s myself, Jennifer Myers Ward and Wade Tonkin. We’re talking about food addiction, using a personal trainer in local gyms, and cooking at home with various recipes, sauces and soups.

My challenge in the upcoming week is to get off of diet soda. Yep, that means ditching my hate-that-I-love-it Diet Dr. Pepper. The plan is to get my caffeine from coffee and to drink more water – carbonated water, with a splash of lemon or other citrus.

Jennifer’s challenge this week is to change up her daily routine so that she can’t justify skipping her workouts in the wake of holiday planning.

Wade’s challenge will be to properly journal his food intake this week and examine his findings.

We also talked a bit about Affiliate Summit, Las Vegas and working from home vs. going to work in an office.

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