They Needed to Know – Affiliate Marketing Fanatics #63


Trisha & Daniel make up for lost time.  And podcasts.

In this installment, after missing a week (blame Trisha), Trisha & Daniel debated the methods behind the lack of moderation of proposed panels for Affiliate Summit, discuss their feelings of the changes to this year’s Pinnacle Awards, and give some props to charity.  Hindsight is 20/20, and we talked about the retirement of the Affiliate Marketing Legend award and our speculations, but if you listen to this week’s Affiliate Thing, Shawn explains the actual fate of the Legend award.  Also, Daniel wants you to listen to them talk about PubCon :)

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Published by Trisha Lyn Fawver

Trisha is an Affiliate Program Manager for Snow Consulting, managing several programs. She also blogs at and can be reached on Twitter @TrishaLyn

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  1. Trisha, Daniel, thank you for mentioning Affiliate Management Days. And I certainly appreciate the kudos too.

    I've also just grabbed which should start redirecting to AM Days' website shortly. Thanks for mentioning that it wasn't resolving. Back when we were creating the brand the shorter domain wasn't available, so we had to spell it out.

    Once again, thanks for the mention. We're still accepting speaker proposals (through EOD, Fri, Oct 26). So, if anyone is interested, hurry!

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