Be a Better Podcaster #1 – Introduction, Gear and Podcasting Regularly


It’s the first official episode of Be a Better Podcaster! I’m thrilled that this is off and running and I hope you enjoy it.

In this episode, I give you my background, the who and why of the show. Next, the current gear that I’ve got. You can see the complete list on my podcasting equipment page. In brief, I’m primarily hardware-based: a Heil PR-40 microphone, a Mackie 802-VLZ3 mixer and a Tascam DR-07 digital recorder.

After the introduction and equipment check, I began what is to be the purpose of this podcast series: talking and teaching about the craft of podcasting. I have such a passion for this, I hope that comes across! I took two questions this time. The first is from Eric Nagel, who asks my opinion about recording a show when you have no big topics to cover. Should you only record when you have something to say? The second is from Dr. Jai Ranganathan, via Twitter, asking what I think of the Apogee Duet firewire interface. This particular segment showcases what I believe is a strength of this podcast series. One question, I have a solid answer based on personal experience. The other question, I did the research before the show and gave my best answer based on that research, but do not have personal experience.

If I know something, I’ll share it. If I don’t, I’ll get the answer, then share it. I may not have all the answers, but I’ve got a lot of ’em, and the ones I don’t have, I’ll get. That’s my commitment to you, my listener.

Have a question? Want to learn more about podcasting? Ask me anything! Leave a voicemail at 281-241-QAQN (preferred), send an email to, or catch me on Twitter.

Just to sweeten the pot a little bit… anyone that leaves a voicemail that I use on the show will be entered into a drawing at the end of the month for an absolutely free one-hour podcast consulting session with me.

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Thanks for listening!

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