Be a Better Podcaster #10 – Your Show Notes Suck


If this episode is about having quality show notes for a podcast, I guess I’d better make sure the show notes for it are good!

Now, okay, maybe that title is a little link-baity. But I chose it because statistically, it’s probably true. I’m not going to name names other than myself – I have to admit that despite knowing what makes show notes effective, I’m too often too lazy to do them properly. What is the right way to do show notes? Although it varies by the needs of the podcaster, there are some general guidelines that should be followed.

First, text. Generally, two to five paragraphs of good, keyword-rich text are a great start. Second, links. Again, generally, two to five links to related resources when appropriate. If you need more links than that, that’s fine, but be careful that you’re not overloading to the detriment of your search engine rankings. Lastly, give your visitors a reason to listen to your show. If you write so much text in your show notes that listening becomes pointless, well, you’re just a blogger, aren’t you? I explain the hows and whys behind these three concepts on the podcast today. Thanks for listening!

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