Be a Better Podcaster #13 – 50 Ways to Leave Your Web Host


Media hosts vs. web hosts, what you should look out for when hooking up with a web host and how to painlessly switch hosts when necessary.

Don’t be fooled by web hosts that offer you unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. While it’s true that you’ll get both of those, you will still be restricted in other ways that can get a popular podcaster’s account shut down. Don’t let that happen to you.

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    1. For me, it's about not keeping the eggs in one basket. If your web host goes down for an extended period, or if it suddenly raises its fees, or if you need to leave them quickly for whatever reason, having your registrations somewhere else is helpful.

      Let's say I'm on Bluehost (which I am) and my registrations are on Dreamhost (which some are). If I had to leave Bluehost, I could open a hosting account at HostGator, get the website set up, and then simply update the DNS records at Dreamhost to point to HostGator instead of Bluehost. The whole thing might take a couple of hours.

      If I had hosting and registration at Bluehost and had to leave Bluehost, I would have to move not only the sites, but the registrations – and if you've never had to move registrations from one provider to another you're lucky. It can be a real pain and take a lot more time.

      Now, there could be reasons why I'd want to move my domains off of Dreamhost – if they suddenly double their registration prices, for example – but the odds that I'll have a problem with my web hosting are far greater than the odds I'll have an issue with my registrar.

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