Be a Better Podcaster #2 – Podcast Music, Podcasting Kits and USB Microphone Tips


In this episode, Tricia Meyer asks about the use of music in podcasting, Bradley asks about USB podcasting kits, and I offer some advice about microphone technique when using USB headsets.

12. Audio-Technica headphones
Music. It’s important.
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Earlier this week I asked on Twitter what questions folks might have for this episode and Tricia Meyer got back to me just a few minutes later with the following:

@QAQN Use of music. Before/during/after? How important. Or did you already cover that? LOL

I think music in your opening and closing is very important, and I cover exactly why in this show. I also go over some easy ways to get music into your recording and where to find music that is safe and legal to use in your shows.

Next, a question from Bradley by way of Shawn Collins. Bradley wrote to Shawn with a question about a USB podcasting kit, specifically the Alesis USB Mic Podcasting Kit. Shawn relayed the question to me, saying it might be a good topic for the show – and I think it is! I gave a few pointers, things to look out for when considering kits like these.

Episode #2 finished with some tips and tricks for making the most of a USB headset microphone setup. I will never tell you not to use a USB headset if that’s what fits your budget, your style or your needs. If, on a scale of one to ten, a podcast recorded with pro gear is a ten, you can get up to a good 8-8.5 with a USB headset if you treat it right.

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