Be a Better Podcaster #4 – When to Edit and Artwork Creation Tools


In this episode I’m talking about when and why to edit your podcast (and my editing goals) as well as creation tools for your show’s artwork.

The first question comes from Doug G. via email, and Doug asks, “How much do you edit your shows? Do you go back and take out every minor thing or just really major things? What about ums and ahs? Thanks and keep up the good work.”

I don’t do a lot of editing anymore; I used to edit quite a lot when I was first getting started, but I learned to live with minor imperfections and to even enjoy them. I think that if you over-edit yourself, you run the risk of losing your unique voice. If you’re concerned about the “um’s” and “ah’s”, then work on eliminating them from your speech, but try not to over-edit. Unless something grinds the show to a halt, I generally don’t edit at all. In fact, this episode wasn’t edited – I ran it through Adobe Audition to add a Hard Limit to the track, then exported to MP3. You may have heard of “Inbox Zero”? This is “Edit Zero”.

The second question this week came in via email, this one from Amy, who asks, very simply, “what do you use to create artwork for your podcast?”

I use a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I like Illustrator for all the benefits of vector illustrations. Unlike raster images (like what Photoshop does), a vector image can be scaled up and down as much as you want, and as many times as you want, with no loss in quality. I do use Photoshop for touch-ups on the output from Illustrator at times.

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