Be a Better Podcaster #6 – Getting Over the Jitters


Nervous about starting a show? Jittery about doing one by yourself? I used to be that way, too.

I got over it. It took me a while, but I got over the nerves and the jitters and I got comfortable with the sound of my own voice and confident in my talents. In this episode, I talk about how that all came about – how I went from someone who had to start over ten times to get a show done to someone who can do a show live without a net. Just to prove the point, I did this episode with only a broad idea of the topic – no outline, no bullet points, nothing. Just me and you, talking about getting over the jitters. It gets easier.

This week’s episode was broadcast live through All QAQN productions are now being broadcast live and you can join the party on the QAQN Live! page. There you’ll find a show schedule and (soon) a chat room so we can interact during the show.

Have a question? Want to learn more about podcasting? Ask me anything! Leave a voicemail at 281-241-QAQN(7276), send an email to, or catch me on Twitter.

Just to sweeten the pot a little bit… anyone that leaves a voicemail that I use on the show will be entered into a drawing at the end of the month for an absolutely free one-hour podcast consulting session with me.

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