Be a Better Podcaster #8 – Working Live, Working Alone and Working with Music


A comparison of Mixlr and other streaming services, using background music and working alone. Good show this week!

Using background music in your podcast or live broadcast can be very beneficial. I went over a few of the reasons why and mentioned my favorite place for getting free “podsafe” music, Music Alley.

Next, a comparison of, and Ustream. Which to use for audio-only streaming? (Hint: look at QAQN Live and see which player is embedded in the page).

Lastly, how working alone can affect your podcasting schedule. There are a lot of great reasons for working alone, but it can be a tough road sometimes.

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  1. Hi Daniel! I remember being on that live episode of your show on Mixlr when we were having delays with the chat. Mixlr has some really awesome people working support and they were very responsive to me over some issues I'm having with static on my show. It turns out the issue is on my end but I'll work on resolving it at a later date. I still love Mixlr though but right now I don't have the need for a live show, so I'm using audacity to record and uploading to places like AudioBoo and MixCloud.
    I'm also using Spreaker and I my experience has been a mixed bag. In general I like the service but I did a review listing five things I'd love to see changed – including that horrible intro commercial you mentioned and the lack of playback controls. I find it very nerve wracking that I can't hit the pause button during playback…To be fair, the owner contacted me (about 2 weeks ago) and said that changes are in the works.
    I'm learning so much from your podcasts and I look forward to your next live broadcast over on Mixlr. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Ileane!
    I just got back from two weeks out of town (essentially – I had two days at home right in the middle but I might as well have been gone since I got no shows done!) and I jumped back into my shows yesterday. After messing up the intro on the first one a few times, I got back into the swing of things – and I wouldn't trade the live experience at this point, I really wouldn't. It's a lot of fun for me, despite the flaws in chat, delay and things like that.

    Mixlr, Spreaker and the others are really new services, so I'm giving them a *lot* of leeway that I wouldn't give a more established service, like UStream, for example. They're growing and adding features and squashing bugs almost daily it seems.

    Thanks for stopping by, it's always nice to see you around :)

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