Be a Better Podcaster #9 – Monetizing a Podcast


Two ways to promote one company. Which should you choose?

I promote fairly heavily at the moment. I run a very short ad at the beginning of all my QAQN shows and I have a large graphic in a very prominent position on the home page. Many podcasters like to promote Audible because the service is a natural fit for almost any podcaster regardless of topic: if someone likes to listen to a podcast, the reasoning goes, they are very likely to enjoy listening to an audiobook.

It makes sense then, for podcasters to investigate a relationship with Audible, but… what kind of relationship? That’s what this episode aims to answer. There are at least two separate programs for podcasters to join to promote Audible, and I’m here to explain the differences between the two. Should you take a $15 commission per trial signup or $17.50 for every 1,000 downloads of your show? Listen up to hear my thoughts on it.

Thanks to listener Jim Beeghley of Teaching the Civil War with Technology for calling in the question about promoting Audible this week! For his efforts, Jim has earned himself a free hour of consulting with me – congratulations, Jim!

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