5 Rock Solid Reasons to Podcast

On July 6th I presented 5 Rock Solid Reasons to Podcast, a live webinar in the series being produced by Affiliate Summit. This was my first live webinar and I thought it was a great success. I will be producing more live webinars here at QAQN in the near future! This session was recorded by Jim Kukral via GoToMeeting.

I’ve made the slide deck and a collection of links available for your benefit:


If you’re a Mac user and you have Keynote, you can download the Keynote presentation.

If you’re a PC user or if you don’t have Keynote on your Mac, you can download this Zip file that has all the slides in it as individual PNG files.

The reason for this is that exporting the slides to PowerPoint format resulted in some funky formatting errors. I purposely kept transitions/animations simple though – the only thing you’ll miss out on is the dissolve transition between the slides. There was no animation or special properties on the slides themselves.


Slide 2:
My contact information

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Email daniel -at- qaqn.com
  • Phone 281-241-QAQN (7276)
  • (too new to include on the slide, but there’s Google+, too)

My shows

Slide 10:
Clean podcasts

Explicit podcasts

Slide 14:
Podcast hosts and directories:

Slide 16:
More information about all the hardware I use can be found at QAQN.com/gear

Links from the Q&A section:

Another piece of the podcasting kit, the Compressor/Limiter/Gate. This might not be the one I get, but it’s an example of one.

The first podcast I ever did solo, Geek Dads @ Home #20 1/2

Stat tracking and analytics – Libsyn.comBlubrry.com and Podtrac.com

Boring topics? Think you can’t do a show about:

Recording Skype:

I’m getting started with video. BoinxTVCamTwistUstream Producer = live video streaming.

Facebook/Skype and Google+ video chats – you can use any number of screen recording software to record those –Snapz Pro XScreenflowCamtasia.

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