Affiliate Link Disclosure Rules: Fair?

Satire is delicious.

I was looking at my To Do list in Evernote just now, and I found a block of text that I had put in there way at the bottom; apparently it’s been pushed down further and further as I added whitespace to the list. I’m not a particularly good list manager apparently.

I’m sure I meant to write something that built upon this thought many months ago, when talk of the FTC disclosure rules was still fresh, but what the heck, here it is anyway.

If the ftc rules are all about transparency and consumer protection, why aren’t there disclaimers in movies? When the Coke logo shows up in a movie, there should be a line of text that comes up at the bottom of the screen that says “Paid placement. Please see our product disclosure policy at http://the-movie’”

That would be fair, right? Because otherwise, they’re just picking on websites by making us disclose every single instance of paid (or potentially paid – affiliate) links. They’ve said it’s not enough to have a page on our site that outlines the linking practices, yet that’s exactly what television and movies do when they have one quick-scrolling line during the credits (if they even have one at all). Where’s the on-screen disclosure in movies?

Just a thought.

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