Affiliate Summit Central 2012 Pass For Sale

Affiliate Summit Central 2012 is officially sold out. If you haven’t secured a pass yet, you’re pretty much out of luck… unless you want mine.

During Summit West back in January, I bought a Full pass to Central. As soon as the event was announced, I pounced on the pass because I knew it would be a smaller show and it would sell out quickly. I didn’t know at that time if I would be getting a Speaker pass or if I would have to use the pass I was purchasing. Well, it turns out that I did get a Speaker pass, since my session, Step By Step: Podcasting for Business was picked up (more details on that session soon).

I have a Full pass that I no longer need. I’d like for you to have it, but… I’m going to make this interesting. Interesting and noteworthy, I hope. Here’s how this is going to work.

I will sell this pass for a minimum of $249, which is what you would pay if you bought the pass on-site the day of the event.

My favorite charity is Missy Ward’s Affiliate Marketers Give Back, and I try to encourage donations when I can. Like right now. We’re going to do this sort-of silent auction style. If you’re interested in this pass, email me with a bid of at least $249. On Friday, April 13th, I will announce the name of the person who bid the highest amount and won the pass. Every dollar over $249, every dollar, will be donated to Affiliate Marketers Give Back in our names, yours and mine.

On top of that, I will throw in another $50.

Here’s an opportunity to donate to a very worthy cause, get your pass to the sold out Affiliate Summit Central 2012, and feel good doing it. Ready for the email address?

daniel at

There ya go. Shoot me an email with what you’re willing to pay for the pass (at least $249). I’d love to hear from you.

Note: in the event that multiple people bid the winning amount, I will award the pass to the first person to make the bid.

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