Getting Back on the Bike

So, there used to be a podcast called Yet Another Weight Loss Show. I would ramble on for five or ten or twenty minutes about my efforts to lose weight. Then there was another podcast called Affiliate Marketers Fitness Challenge. I hosted that one and each episode had anywhere from one to thirty-seven co-hosts. YAWLS died off when I decided that nobody wanted to listen to a podcast where the host kept gaining weight. AMFC just kind of fizzled out when people stopped showing up on recording day (which is totally fine, it was a very low-pressure kind of gig).

I got into a funk for a while, my weight fluctuated and eventually ended up over 250 pounds again (252 to be exact). That ain’t good, folks. If I’m over 240, I get severe back pain from a couple of damaged disks. I’ve got to get it back down!

Months back, I was given an awesome bike. This thing just screams and it’s a joy to ride. It was provided by JensonUSA by way of their affilate manager, Jared Saunders (technically it was by way of Greg Hoffman who got it from Jared, but that’s a whole ‘nother story). Pictured above, it’s a Marin Argenta.

I wouldn’t be a very good affiliate—or a very appreciative person—if I didn’t make the effort to get back on the bike and get my damn weight down. I am very uncomfortable riding on the main roads around my home because they’re highways. I’m a little uncomfortable riding around my neighborhood because you never know who is going to pull out of a driveway without looking for cyclists (plus: teenagers. This neighborhood is lousy with teenagers). I don’t particularly like riding during the day because it’s 95 degrees by 10am here. I don’t like riding at night because hello, danger! (and raccoons. Evil raccoons. They’re just waiting for the right moment to strike.)

What I needed was a place to ride in the mornings before it got too hot to ride—and I found one. It was right down the road from me the whole time. Here in town we have a super sweet recreation facility. There’s 8 baseball fields, volleyball, several soccer fields, football, and lots more. The parking lot is massive. And hey, at 7:30am… it’s empty! I can just ride and ride and ride in a giant loop in the parking lot!


I’ll keep you updated.

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