I Earn a Million a Day. You Can, Too! Maybe.

It’s hard to believe it’s been this long, but four years ago, I created a website that would forever change the face of internet commerce, internet marketing, and the wearing of money skirts the world over.

I earn a million a day, and you can, too! Maybe.
The most trustworthy site on the internet.

Okay, it did none of those things – but wouldn’t it have been awesome if it had?

The concept behind Earn a Million a Day was pretty simple. I was attending ShareASale Think Tank in 2008, and I found myself with a little bit of down time between meetings. I was thinking about things I hated about affiliate marketing for some reason. Someone must have said something that got me thinking in that direction. I’ve always hated squeeze pages. Excessively long, filled with faux yellow highlighter and giant red text… horrible. Never one to shy away from taking a clever shot at something I don’t like, I decided to whip up a parody site. I spent maybe 3 hours before bed at Think Tank and another day or two at home afterward finishing it up.

Were I to do it again today, I’d simply use OptimizePress for the layout and fill in the content. Back then, I didn’t know of any options like that, so I coded it by hand. I tried to use every stupid cliche I could think of. Over the top title? Check. Lots of cash money graphics? Check. I created a character, Charles MacGregor, a… trillionaire, I guess. At a rate of a million a day, he’d have to be. The product is never specified because it’s completely worthless – just like 99% of the products you’ll find on any given squeeze page. I used a lot of testimonials collected from a person named Johnny Franklin. Lots of Johnny Franklins, actually. There were many, many bullet points that utilized silly checkmarks.

You'll never be as successful as me. This proves it.
This is not Photoshopped in any way.

When I unveiled it in the weeks after Think Tank, it was very well received. The feedback on it was overwhelmingly positive. In the years since, it has come up a few times in conversation – usually me asking “did you ever see that squeeze page parody I did a few years ago?” to whoever I’m talking to. Recently, I showed it to Eric Schwarzer, who thought it was fantastic. He asked me about it again today, he had forgotten the exact URL.


There ya go. I’d love to hear what you think of it.

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Daniel M. Clark is a podcaster and proprietor of QAQN, a writer at danielmclark.com, and an all-around cool dude everywhere else. God, I hate talking about myself in the third-person.

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  1. dude I saw this on my twitter feed, I'll admit I slightly raged because I don't follow spammers. but then saw who posted it and had a really good laugh. I get a few hundred applications a week to my Affilaite program who has some sort of get rich quick in their URL…. They get denied very quickly… Anyways, thanks for the good laugh just before the weekend :P

  2. Brilliant. Awesome. Great parody. But by the Power of Greyskull, why in the world have you not tried to monetize this sucker? Throw up some BS clickbank product and see what happens. Does it get any natural traffic?

    1. It gets very little traffic, actually. It's not optimized at all, and there are very few backlinks, so it's not ranking for… well, pretty much anything, I guess. Early on I chose not to monetize because I felt it would undermine the point of the parody. Now… I'll think about it. Maybe I'll do something with it.

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