[Issue] Updating Geek Dads Weekly in iTunes

It’s never an easy thing when you’re dealing with a system that has little priority at a massive company. Apple does support podcasting, and they’ve got a good directory and it sure is easy to submit a new podcast… but once it’s there, it’s a pain to change. The transition from geekdadsweekly.com to qaqn.com is complete, and this is the new, permanent home of the show. The old address redirects here now (as do all the episode pages/posts, so if you’ve linked to that site, you have nothing to worry about).

So today I’m dealing with getting Geek Dads Weekly straightened out in iTunes. I’ll be posting a new episode shortly, one that we recorded last night, but for the time being, I have to ask you to listen here on the site or by downloading the mp3 file directly.

Sorry for any inconvenience, I hope to have all this worked out by the end of the day!

What a way to start the new year, huh? At least it only has to happen once!

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