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It’s that time of year again—my turn to organize the Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program! Now through December 30th, sign up to participate in the program at the Affiliate Summit website. Registration is open for newcomers who have never attended an Affiliate Summit before and for veteran volunteers who have been to at least one.

I sense some of you are wondering just what this all about. Some of you have never heard about the Newcomer Program or why it’s so great or why you should get involved. Fortunately, I can help with that.

With well over 5,000 people expected to attend Affiliate Summit West 2013 (January 13-15 in Las Vegas), folks who have never attended a show like this might feel intimidated or nervous. During the day, there are dozens of educational sessions. Nights, there are plenty of parties and networking events. What is a first-timer to do? And more importantly, what is a newcomer to wear?! That’s where we come in.

First-time attendees who join the Newcomer Program will be paired up with a veteran volunteer, someone who has experienced Summit and is willing to share some advice. The program is absolutely free to join for newcomers and veterans alike!

Sign up NOW!

Before the show, the newcomer and veteran will jump on the phone (or Skype) for a conversation of at least 15 minutes. The newcomer can ask whatever questions need to be asked—what to expect, what to wear, what parties are worth going to, and anything else that might need answering. The veteran can offer advice and knowledge, and everyone wins!

Sunday night, January 13th, is the Newcomer Meetup. This takes place at the conference hotel (Caesar’s) and everyone in the program is encouraged to attend. It’s an hour long and it’s an amazing opportunity for newcomers to mingle with people that have been in this industry for a long time. The sponsor of this meetup will be announced as the details are finalized, but we’re looking to have food and drink and all kinds of good stuff.

  • As a thank you, the newcomer is expected to treat the veteran volunteer to a meal—breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever you two work out.
  • As a thank you from Affiliate Summit to the veteran volunteers, a link to a site of the vet’s choosing will appear on the Affiliate Summit website.

There are only a few rules about the program.

  • The Newcomer Program is open to both first-time attendees and veteran volunteers that hold a VIP pass or All Access pass. This will be strictly enforced.
  • This is not a business coaching or mentoring program. This is for people who have never attended Summit to learn more about Summit.

Questions? Contact me with any you might have!
Submit questions via Affiliate Summit (not via QAQN), here.


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