Major Scheduling Changes at QAQN

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Regular listeners of Geek Dads Weekly are used to hearing us get interupted by my kids. When I expanded from one podcast into several, I chose Thursdays as my recording day because it was a day that my wife frequently had free from work and she could keep an eye on Ian while I recorded. That helped reduce the interruptions a bit, but that’s changed, and so has my recording schedule. All shows are now on a new day and most are at a new time. The line-up, starting today, is as follows:

  • Inside Internet Marketing: Tuesdays at 1pm Eastern (30 minutes to an hour)
  • Geek Dads Weekly: Tuesdays at 2pm Eastern. (1 hour)
  • Affiliate Marketers Fitness Challenge: Tuesdays at 4pm Eastern. (1 hour)
  • Yet Another Weight Loss Show: Tuesdays at 11pm Eastern. (15 minutes, maybe half an hour or so – depends on my mood, really)

Once a month, Inside Internet Marketing will be replaced by Affiliate Improv!, a new webinar series that I will be posting about shortly. We’ve had our quiet launch to iron out the bugs and now we’re ready to blow it up!

Be a Better Podcaster is on indefinite hiatus while I retool the show. It will return in the [hopefully] near future as a video podcast.

These changes take place today, so we hope to see you on Tuesday, February 14th for the next batch of QAQN episodes!

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    1. I've got some really exciting stuff in mind for that show. I've recently been introduced to an online university where people can create courses and sell them. I'm not talking about it because although it's very popular and has a *ton* of courses available (and a *ton* of users), it hasn't been discovered by our marketer friends yet. Virgin territory, so to speak. I'm hoping to put together some free BABP video podcasts that can lead into some more in-depth courses that I can put up for sale on that site.

      Y'know, with all the free time I have.

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