My Affiliate Summit East 2012 Diary – Part 2

It would make too much sense to publish these updates at the end of each day. I’m nonsensical that way.

Where did I leave off…? Oh yes, my horrible travel day. Well, that day ended up extraordinarily well. Despite American Airlines forcing me to check my totally-not-oversized carry-on bag, it didn’t get damaged (I had all my podcasting gear in that bag, so I was understandably concerned about turning it over to the guys that throw suitcases around for a living). It all worked out, though, and I had a driver waiting for me just outside of baggage claim. He was fantastic—very professional, helpful, and knew when I wanted to chat and when I didn’t. The car looked like it was just driven off the production line, and had every upgrade imaginable.

I arrived at the Hilton New York at nearly 8pm on Friday. Check-in was easy, and I was directed to my room on the 40th floor. After unpacking and relaxing for a few minutes, I headed out to Oldcastle to see who was there (and to get the beer and shepherd’s pie that I was craving). I hooked up with a great crowd of my favorite people (no name dropping), and you know…? It completely turned me around. What began as a terrible travel day ended perfectly.

The next day, Saturday, was much better overall—probably because American Airlines wasn’t involved. At 1pm, we began the Monetize Your Blog Using Affiliate Marketing Training Course. This was an adjunct to Affiliate Summit, attended by about 160 bloggers and newcomers to affiliate marketing. We had four speakers: myself, Missy Ward, Debbie Bookstaber, and Joey Fortman. This session rocked. Keep an eye out for future sessions like this. They’re not recorded, so the only way to get the educational benefits is to attend.

I made a mistake though. I didn’t have lunch before going. I wasn’t positive if I needed to be up on the panel the whole time or if I was supposed to just show up sometime before 4pm when my part of the session was to begin. Turns out… yeah. I was to be up on the panel from 1-4 until it was my turn. Oops… my bad. Missy Ward came to my rescue with a granola bar, so I survived!

Directly after, I went out to dinner with a group of about 15 people. We hit a restaurant called Ruby Foo’s, and it was awesome. Get the Pad Thai. Most of us walked back to the Hilton and spent the rest of the evening at Bridges bar. A great, great day all around.

Today—should I be doing these updates more frequently so I’m not doing 3 days at a time?—started off really well. I had breakfast with my friend Jen Goode, went to a great session about brand building, and then had lunch at Pazza Notte. You know, I haven’t had a single bad (or even moderately not awesome) meal since I’ve been here. That brings us to the time of this writing. I’m in the Blogger Lounge, and I go on for my first emcee duty in about 25 minutes, making announcements and introducing the Women in Affiliate Marketing keynote panel.

This might be the best Affiliate Summit I’ve ever had. Onward!

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  1. It was great meeting you yesterday! Totally wished I had more time to connect though. I'm a follower and fan now!

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