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Nearly three and a half years ago, I launched the Geek Dads @ Home podcast with Sam Harrelson and Joe Magennis. In 2010, Joe and I rebranded the show as Geek Dads Weekly. It’s time for another change. The show has evolved past the “geek dads” theme. In fact, most of our shows these days, we don’t talk about the kids at all, or only in passing.

Your days are numbered, guys.

If you’re a current listener, you know the kind of show we do. If you’re new around here, check out the show notes from a few recent episodes to get a feel for it. Get yourselves up to speed because we need you!

Help us rename the show! Here’s how it’s going to work.

  1. Leave a comment with your suggestion(s) below.
  2. I, along with Greg and Drew, will choose the new name.
  3. The newly renamed show will debut shortly after we decide on the name and can finalize the new artwork.
  4. The person who suggested the name will be awarded one hundred genuine American dollars.

Slow down, now. Don’t comment just yet, there are a few rules.

  1. There will be only ONE winner. If the name we choose is suggested by more than one person, we will have a random drawing to determine who the award will go to.
  2. Only people with a PayPal account may participate because that’s how we’re awarding the money.
  3. The name should be short, evocative of the show that we do, and must be free of profanity and references to gender (i.e. no “dads” no “men” or things like that). Also, we’d like to not use “geek” in the name anymore.
  4. We might not choose any of the names suggested. This is not a “best of the suggestions” kind of thing. If we don’t like any of the suggestions enough to use, we will either extend the entry period or choose a name on our own.
  5. This is an open-ended contest. After trying to put a deadline on it, we realized that it was more important to find just the right name than settle for something on an arbitrary date. There will come a point where you guys suggest something that Drew and Greg and I all like. At that point, we will announce a one week deadline for additional submissions. After that, we will declare a winner and award the money.

Sound good? There’s $100 in it for you. Name the show!

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  1. So I had to come up with some ridiculous names, I find it helps the creative process: superfluous, neodymium maniacs, assumed responsible, not intended as factual feed. I found it difficult as gender specific nouns come up often.

  2. Hmmm… still on theme without the dad part :Geek Week, Geek Weekly, This week in Geek. TEP: Thoughts of Epic Proportion.

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