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Last week was a planned vacation time for me and my family. We spent almost a week up in Idaho Falls; my brother-in-law got married. It was a good trip (but don’t get me started about how awful Frontier Airlines was). We got home night-before-last and my plan was to pick up my shows on the normal broadcast day – today. Here’s the problem: I’m getting on another plane at 6:30am tomorrow morning, which means I’ve got to be up around 4am, which means I have to get to sleep relatively early, which means I have less time than usual to get stuff done today. Stuff like, you know, packing for a business trip.

Yesterday was spent preparing the family for me not being home for a week – grocery shopping, back-to-school supplies shopping, oil changes for the cars, things like that. Today, with Angela at work no less, I get to do all my trip preparation… making sure I have all my printed materials, doing laundry if there’s a shirt I want to take with me that needs cleaning, and figuring out what audio equipment I’m going to take. I’m still on the fence about bringing my mixer, microphone and all the studio gear.

All this is to say that, sorry, I can’t fit in 4 hours of broadcasts today. You won’t have to wait very long for new stuff though, because whatever I bring with me, it’ll be enough to do my shows from New York. I’ll have special episodes of all the shows coming up over the next week. If you’re going to be at Summit and you’d like to say hi or be part of a show, come find me in the Blogger Lounge!

It’s also not too late to book some time with me for podcast consulting in New York. Hit the Consulting page to learn more!

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