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Last week I created a silent auction (of a sort) to sell my unneeded Full pass to Affiliate Summit Central 2012. The event is sold out, and since I will be getting a Speaker pass (Step By Step: Podcasting for Business, Tuesday, May 15, at 9:30am is my session), I no longer needed the pass that I bought back in January.

I asked interested people to email me bids, the maximum amount they’d be willing to pay for the pass. The highest bid would win the pass, and the winner would be announced on Friday, April 13th.

Last Friday I announced on Twitter that the winning bid was $300, and that once the payment was finalized and all the details were worked out, I’d blog about it, which brings us to today!

The winner of the Full pass to Affiliate Summit Central 2012 is Taylor West of WP Engine, a WordPress hosting company.

The AMGB team, 2010
The AMGB team at Colorado's walk in 2010

As I said when I created the auction, every dollar over the pass price of $249 would be donated to Affiliate Marketers Give Back and the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer to support breast cancer research. I also said I’d throw in another $50 on top of whatever the winning bid was. That brings us to a donation of $101, which I made last night. If you watch the scroll on Missy Ward’s donation page, you will see “Daniel M. Clark and Taylor West” listed as a donator. While you’re on that page, how about kicking over a few bucks?

I would like to thank Taylor West and everyone who participated in the auction. Every bit we can raise to help AMGB helps a great cause.

See you in Austin!

[Read the original auction details post right here.]

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