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The Reboot of the QAQN RosterAfter a period of relative inactivity (only Geek Dads Weekly has had any new episodes in over a month), I am excited to announce the relaunch of the four main QAQN shows.

Beginning with this week’s episode of Geek Dads, the next episode of each show will be numbered with a “.1” after the episode number, marking the point that the show experienced its reboot. Each episode will lay the groundwork for the format and tone of the show going forward, making it the perfect jumping on point for new listeners. The episodes are:

  • Geek Dads Weekly #81.1
  • Inside Internet Marketing #16.1
  • Be a Better Podcaster #4.1
  • Yet Another Weight Loss Show #12.1

Along with a slate of new episodes, I’ve got a new show coming in July! Waiting for Wednesday: The Retro Comics Review Show answers the question what comic books should I read between new release Wednesdays? As a comics collector of over 25 years with a collection more than 5,000 books strong, I am confident that I can offer rock solid reviews of comics from my own personal back-issue bin. Retro reviews, news, opinions, guests – it’s going to be a good time.

Also: the new podcasting studio is just about complete with only a bit more work to do on the back wall. I’ll have pictures forthcoming; I’m very, very excited about having a dedicated space to work in. Construction should be complete by next week. Here’s an early pic of the new wall:

Lastly, be sure to catch my articles at the BlogWorld blog – I’m writing about podcasting over there and would love some feedback!

Welcome to the rebirth of QAQN. I’m glad you’re here.

P.S. I couldn’t decide at first about calling this initiative Rebirth or QAQN II: Electric Boogaloo. In the end, it’s Rebirth, but I couldn’t not use the other, so I’m throwing it in the logo up top for a little while.

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