Revised: Win 5 free books from Barefoot Books!

Back in episode #62 of Geek Dads Weekly, and again in #64, Drew and I announced a contest wherein we’d give away five books from one of our favorite publishers, Barefoot Books. This was the original announcement:

We have a new contest to announce thanks to Barefoot Books! We’d like you to call our feedback line at 281-241-QAQN and tell us two things: what your favorite book was when you were a kid, and what you think your favorite Barefoot book might be. That’s all there is to it! The winner will receive 5 free books from Barefoot.

Well… nobody called. We were so upset that we canceled the recording of the show today. Okay, maybe there was another reason. But still.

The Barefoot Book of PiratesWe asked around, polled a few people that we knew were aware of the contest, and we discovered that universally, everyone hates taking the time to call someone on the phone. To a person, they all said that had the contest been run a different way, we would have certainly had entries. So… here we are.

The contest has been revised! We really want to introduce Barefoot Books to people, and we’re going to take another week to run this contest right. Here are the new and improved rules.

Win 5 free books from Barefoot Books!


Open to U.S. residents only. Shipping address may not be a P.O. Box. Deadline for entry is 7:59pm Eastern on February 13th, 2011. The winner may either pick five (5) books from or elect to be surprised and have the books chosen by Daniel and Drew. Voicemails may be played on a future episode of Geek Dads Weekly with contact information masked. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Side effects may include drowsiness, which is probably what you’re looking for when reading to your kids at bedtime.

How to enter

You may rack up several entries – up to 9! – and each entry will be assigned a number. Everyone’s numbers will be run through and a winning number will be selected.

Mandatory: leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite childhood book and what book from you think you’d like to read with your kids (or give to someone you know with kids – the contest is open to everyone!) Remember, you’ll win five books, not just the one you tell us about here. This is worth one entry.

BONUS entries!

  • Follow @QAQN@BenSpark and @livebarefoot on Twitter. Leave a comment here with your Twitter name for verification. You’ll get one bonus entry for each follow.
  • Become a fan of (“Like”) QAQN, BenSpark and Barefoot Books on Facebook. Please leave a comment here for verification. You’ll get one bonus entry for each Facebook connection.
  • Call our feedback line, 281-241-QAQN and tell us your favorite childhood book and what book from you’d like to have. Two bonus entries. Please leave a comment saying you’ve called in; it’ll make tracking the number of entries easier.
  • Sign up for QAQN site updates via the email newsletter (top of the sidebar to the right). Again, please leave a comment saying you’ve signed up to make tracking the entries easier. One bonus entry.

We’ll run this contest for the rest of this week and announce a winner on the next Sunday episode of Geek Dads Weekly with Drew and I. You’ve got until 7:59pm Eastern on February 13th, 2011. Good luck!

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  1. First off, I DO have a US address. :)

    And the books I LOVe from Barefoot Books are:
    The Real Princess
    The BarefootBook Of Princesses
    The Seven Wise Princesses
    The Fairy's Gift
    Kids Kitchen

  2. I have a very. very hard time choosing a favorite anything! I was an avid reader as a child, my siblings teased me all the time about being a bookworm. I remember loving the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle stories as read alouds with my mom and sister. The Barefoot Book that looks interesting to me is Tales of Wonder and Wisdom.
    I "liked" Barefoot Books on FB.

  3. My favorite as an early reader was E.B. White especially Trumpet of the Swan

    I'd love to read any of the books to any of my three kids, but I think if I had to pick one….. Tales of Wisdom and Wonder.

  4. I'm with Lisa about Shel Silverstein – he is one of my all time faves – even though I was an adult when I read his poems to my kids :) Hope you get lots of entries this time! I'd love to read the Barefoot Book of Dance Stories with my 8 year old granddaughter :) I do have a physical US address – if that works – considered me entered!

  5. My favorite book as a child was Dr. Seuss' A Great Day for Up, which is kind of ironic because I HATE mornings and I am not nearly as chipper or bright and cheery in the morning as the book makes mornings seem!

    If I gould get any book from Barefoot books it would be Knick Knack Paddy Wack because my daughter's name is Nicole, and we call her Nikki, and…Niknak. :) She LOVES to listen to stories and would be thrilled to hear her "name" in a book!

    I am following all three on twitter (I
    m @Jilly_Beans, I have liked or friended all three on facebook, and I receive the newsletters. :)

  6. My favorite book growing up was Richard Scary's "Cars and Trucks and Things That Go." The book can be enjoyed on so many levels, from searching for Goldbug on each page to making up portions of the story to cover the other things that are happening on each page. There is just so much happening on each page, it's like a new book every time we open it up.

    If I were to pick a Barefoot Book for my girls, I think I would enjoy enjoy "The Princess and the White Bear King." I think the theme of the story, as well as the subject matter, would be a hit with the girls.

  7. My favorite books at an early age were Charlotte's Web and Beverly Clearly Ramona series. I would love to any of the Barefoot books to my children but especially love The Gigantic Turnip.

  8. I LOVED There are Rocks in my Socks Said the Fox to the Ox. LOVED it. My Mom would read it to me every night. I still have my copy and read it to my kiddies. :)

    There are 2 that catch my eye – The Gift and Grandmothers' Stories.

    Good luck with the contest!

  9. I had lots of favorites as a kid, but I'll pick two. The Great Brain by John D. Fitzgerald (the whole series really) and the Encyclopedia Brown mysteries.

    From barefoot books, I would love to read The Barefoot Book of Fairy Tales to my kids and judging by the cover, Mama Panya's Pancakes looks like a fun story. Also, who could go wrong with The Barefoot Book of Pirates?

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