The QAQN Redesign

I spent most of last weekend redesigning QAQN and I’m quite pleased with the result. The site still runs on Thesis, but I am no longer using the heavily modified ThesisFolio skin that I’ve been using and abusing for the past couple of years. That skin was good, but there comes a time when you have to change things up a bit—and honestly, you should have seen the amount of PHP code that I had in the back end, it was ridiculous. Customization after customization, it just got bloated. Besides, with the launch of the new Zap! podcast, I wanted something fresh.

I scoured the Thesis skin sites that I… wow, that sounds rather dirty, now that I think about it.

I visited several sites that sell premium Thesis skins, and I had something in mind. I wanted a skin that didn’t look like a standard blog on the home page (and I didn’t want to have to code my own custom home page like I did with ThesisFolio). I wanted color! All that white on the old version was driving me crazy. I wanted something stylish—of course—and something that had lines. The old design was too open; it didn’t have enough definition. It had to be easy to customize, but that more or less goes without saying when you’re working with Thesis as your framework.

When Daniel M. Clark .com was redesigned and relaunched a few weeks ago, I used the FeedPop skin from Themedy. I’m happy to say that the skin for QAQN is from the same place. Say hello to Blink.

The homepage uses the masonry effect to fill the browser window as best it can, and the whole site is anchored on the left. It’s unorthodox these days, which most sites opting for a centered layout, but you know what? I’m a rebel. I take stands. I don’t let The Man tell me how to align my damn websites! The typography is great. I love the overall style of the skin, and it’s quite easy to customize.

So that’s the new QAQN. Hope you like it.

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