There’s a lot going on. Here’s a recap.

I’ve tried doing “weekly recap” posts in the past and just couldn’t get into them. I hated being a slave to the schedule, mostly—and what about weeks when nothing much was really going on? You end up looking like a slacker!

Well, more than a few things have happened recently that I feel deserve a recap post, so here ya go. Enjoy ;)

Affiliate Summit East 2012 Pass Giveaway

At the time of this writing, we still have a bit over three days left on this contest. We’re giving away five Networking Plus passes to the upcoming Affiliate Summit East 2012 in New York City. These are valued at $549 and the passes must be claimed and registered before the event sells out, which it will by the end of the month (I’ve never seen Shawn be wrong in his prediction of the sellout date). There are only a handful of people registered to win, so if you need a pass, now is the time to jump into the drawing!

Daniel M. Clark .com Relaunches with New Fiction

Back when I thought I was going to be a blogger <snicker>, my main site was Daniel M. Clark .com. I was a pathetic blogger though, and shut it down almost two years ago. Last week, I reopened the site with an exciting new premise: it would focus exclusively on my forthcoming fiction writing. The site has seen three new posts since the relaunch:

  • Moving Toward My Everest
    A summation of my intentions for DMCDC, why I’m writing fiction and what I hope the site will achieve.
  • A Bit of History -or- How Not to Write a Novel
    An expansion of the prior post, this goes into great detail (nearly 2,000 words!) about the history between me and fiction writing. Betcha didn’t know I wrote a novel back in the 90’s!

and my first piece of new fiction,

  • Dragonwatch
    On the edge of the vast Green Sea, a father and daughter sit waiting for the return of an ancient race. Will today break their ten-year streak of disappointment and bring them face-to-face with the beasts of legend?

Another bit of awesomeness (IMO) is the introduction of audioposts. Similar to audiobooks, I am publishing recordings of each new post—read by the author, of course ;) Only Dragonwatch does not have its audiopost yet… I’m still planning that one out. Should I read it straight? Try doing character voices? Leave a comment below and let me know which you think would be better!

Affiliate Summit East 2012 Speaker Preview with Daniel M. Clark

More Affiliate Summit goodness! The Affiliate Improv! session has once again been chosen for a slot at Affiliate Summit and once again, I’ll be moderating a kick-ass panel. In this podcast interview with Mary Poiley of Affiliate Summit, I go into detail about what Affiliate Improv! is, where it came from, and what the audience can expect. We also covered my excitement over being chosen to Emcee the event (soooooo cool).


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I’m Writing for BlogWorld/NMX Again

Just a few days ago I published my first new article for BlogWorld in quite some time. It’s called 7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Podcasting and it’s got some great discussion attached to it so far. I’m excited to be writing for one of the premier sites for blogging and podcasting again!

Geek Dads Weekly will be live this Tuesday with a great new episode, so tune in at 2pm Eastern at QAQN Live!

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