Updates for October 31st

Day 304
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It’s Halloween! What am I doing writing a post for the site?

Truth be told, I’m not much of a “Halloween guy” – haven’t been for quite a number of years, actually. I don’t even have a costume this year (at least I dyed my hair green last year, which isn’t much of a costume, but still). I figured, before all the little kids – and some big kids – show up at my door to panhandle (what? they are) I’d whip up a quick site update.

There’s no show being recorded tonight because lots of other people are really into Halloween and I couldn’t convince them to call it off so that I could record Geek Dads Weekly. Drew and I will record a show tomorrow or Tuesday to make up for it.

I spent some time today getting the site ready for prime time – all the support pages (Contact, About, Disclosure, things like that) should be complete, barring any details I overlooked and will hopefully catch at a later time. Individual show pages are still being finalized.

I’ve also set up RSS Graffiti to bring the shows into Facebook! QAQN content will now be posted in my personal profile as well as on the QAQN fan page that I’m working on. Fun!

That’s all for today, have a great week!

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