I’m a pathetic blogger.

Many years ago, I created a blog. Over the course of about 4 years or so, I realized that I was terrible at blogging. I consider myself a strong writer, but a world of difference exists between writing and blogging. I’m a pathetic blogger, I really am. I closed my blog down in January 2011 and made podcasting my full-time gig. Turns out, I’m pretty good at it.

I do blog here at QAQN occasionally, though. With a week between shows, I often think of things to write that I don’t want to sit on until the next recording day, so, here we are. The QAQN blog features a diverse range of topics, from affiliate marketing to comic books, movies & television, family life and site news & updates.

I love doing the occasional episode of Comic Book Fury with Tim Robinson and Mike Buechele. My third appearance on that show was recorded on Saturday, April 21st, with Tim (Mike was on assignment in the Savage Land). We focused a large portion of the show on what DC Comics is doing these days, now that they’re eight months into the New 52 relaunch. The industry fascinates me, it really does.

While I would normally announce something like this on Geek Dads Weekly, I just got the notification about it this morning and I want to give you guys as much time as possible to participate!

QAQN has one special Avengers Prize Pack to give to a lucky fan! Keep reading to learn how to enter – good luck! The contest runs from today, April 25th, to May 4th (Avengers movie release day!)


Affiliate Summit is producing a series of interviews with speakers at the upcoming conference in Austin. I spoke with Affiliate Summit Ambassador Mary Poiley for just over twelve minutes, mostly about my session, Step by Step: Podcasting for Business. We also talked a little about my overall involvement and history in the industry. It was a fun interview – hope to see you in Austin for Affiliate Summit Central 2012!

If you’re a current listener, you know the kind of show we do. If you’re new around here, check out the show notes from a few recent episodes to get a feel for it. Get yourselves up to speed because we need you!

Help us rename the show! There’s $100 in it for you!

The sessions from Affiliate Summit East 2010 have just been posted to YouTube! This session was a first for me; it was my first session that had been planned and submitted ahead of time. We called it Podcasting 101 and we covered the basics of the craft. We talked about the challenges and how to build a solid show and monetize it. Fun!

Last week I created a silent auction (of a sort) to sell my unneeded Full pass to Affiliate Summit Central 2012. The event is sold out, and since I will be getting a Speaker pass (Step By Step: Podcasting for Business, Tuesday, May 15, at 9:30am is my session), I no longer needed the pass that I bought back in January. Read on to learn who won the auction and how much we donated!

Missy Ward, whom you probably know as a co-founder of Affiliate Summit, reached out to TubeMogul/OneLoad.com but was met with resistance to the suggestion that maybe affiliate marketing shouldn’t be included on such a list. Certainly there is nothing inherently scammy or misleading about affiliate marketing – respectable companies have been successfully recruiting affiliates to help advertise their products for the better part of 15 years.

Affiliate Summit Central 2012 is officially sold out. If you haven’t secured a pass yet, you’re pretty much out of luck… unless you want mine. I will sell this pass for a minimum of $249, which is what you would pay if you bought the pass on-site the day of the event. Keep reading for all the details of this unique sale and an opportunity to support Affiliate Marketers Give Back.

It’s hard to believe it’s been this long, but four years ago, I created a website that would forever change the face of internet commerce, internet marketing, and the wearing of money skirts the world over.

As DC Comics continues to reinvent its long-time characters, a back-up story in this week’s Justice League #7 reintroduced Billy Batson and Shazam. Check out this screenshot from the comic, in which Billy Batson declares himself a podcaster.