I’m a pathetic blogger.

Many years ago, I created a blog. Over the course of about 4 years or so, I realized that I was terrible at blogging. I consider myself a strong writer, but a world of difference exists between writing and blogging. I’m a pathetic blogger, I really am. I closed my blog down in January 2011 and made podcasting my full-time gig. Turns out, I’m pretty good at it.

I do blog here at QAQN occasionally, though. With a week between shows, I often think of things to write that I don’t want to sit on until the next recording day, so, here we are. The QAQN blog features a diverse range of topics, from affiliate marketing to comic books, movies & television, family life and site news & updates.

You’re standing in the middle of a highway. Toward you comes a car and should it hit you, you will surely end up in the hospital, if not end up dead. The car absolutely will not move to avoid you under any circumstances. You have three choices.

I was looking at my To Do list in Evernote just now, and I found a block of text that I had put in there way at the bottom; apparently it’s been pushed down further and further as I added whitespace to the list. I’m sure I meant to write something that built upon this thought many months ago, when talk of the FTC disclosure rules was still fresh, but what the heck, here it is anyway.

Oh, who am I kidding. Of course you’re invited. It wouldn’t be the same without you!

Affiliate Summit is sponsoring the first in a series of Twitter chats and I’ve been tapped to be the first volunteer! The topic is podcasting, the location is Twitter, and the duration is one hour. We’ll start at 9pm Eastern on Thursday, March 8th. Our hashtag will be #affchat. Read on for more details.

Author Jim Kukral will be my guest on Inside Internet Marketing on Tuesday, February 28th at 1pm Eastern. Marketing your site, products or brand by writing a book can be very effective. Jim has been traditionally published and self-published, and has a ton of great information to share about both. Think you need a publisher to get a book out to the masses? Think again – and Jim is the guy to learn from.

At a glance, it looks like OneLoad is just trying to prevent people from monetizing their videos, but that’s not the case; there is nothing here that says a company can’t upload a sales video. MLM, affiliate marketing, network marketing and home-based businesses… other businesses are perfectly welcome to upload videos.

Anyone who doesn’t think affiliate marketing has an image problem has their head in the sand.

All QAQN shows are now on a new day and most are at a new time. The line-up, starting today, is as follows:

  • Inside Internet Marketing: Tuesdays at 1pm Eastern
  • Geek Dads Weekly: Tuesdays at 2pm Eastern.
  • Affiliate Marketers Fitness Challenge: Tuesdays at 4pm Eastern.
  • Yet Another Weight Loss Show: Tuesdays at 11pm Eastern.

Click through for the full story behind these changes.

I’ve just added a new contest to the show notes of Geek Dads Weekly #102. With each Affiliate Summit there are a number of Gold passes to give to my audience, and this time there are five to go around! There are multiple ways to enter the drawing and it’s all spelled out in the instructions. What are you waiting for? Why are you still reading this? Go enter!

Starting with January’s Affiliate Summit West 2012, I will be heading up the ‘West Newcomer Program, a group devoted to helping first-time Affiliate Summit attendees find their footing, get comfortable with attending the conference, and make some valuable connections. My friend Jen Goode has been running both Summit East and Summit West Newcomer Programs, and she recently asked me to take over the duties Summit West, to which I think I replied, “YES! THE POWER IS MINE! HAHAHAHA!.” Something like that.

Last week was a planned vacation time for me and my family. We spent almost a week up in Idaho Falls; my brother-in-law got married. It was a good trip (but don’t get me started about how awful Frontier Airlines was). We got home night-before-last and my plan was to pick up my shows on […]

Two weeks ago today, I began an experiment using Hootsuite to automate tweets daily. I wanted to know if it would increase conversions, result in fewer followers, or earn me a stern talking-to from Twitter purists. These are my findings.