I’m a pathetic blogger.

Many years ago, I created a blog. Over the course of about 4 years or so, I realized that I was terrible at blogging. I consider myself a strong writer, but a world of difference exists between writing and blogging. I’m a pathetic blogger, I really am. I closed my blog down in January 2011 and made podcasting my full-time gig. Turns out, I’m pretty good at it.

I do blog here at QAQN occasionally, though. With a week between shows, I often think of things to write that I don’t want to sit on until the next recording day, so, here we are. The QAQN blog features a diverse range of topics, from affiliate marketing to comic books, movies & television, family life and site news & updates.

On July 6th I presented 5 Rock Solid Reasons to Podcast, a live webinar in the series being produced by Affiliate Summit. This was my first live webinar and I thought it was a great success. I will be producing more live webinars here at QAQN in the near future! This session was recorded by […]

… You’re celebrating your ignorance. You’re taking pride in saying that you’ve formed an opinion about something that you’ve never experienced. …

With the first live-action Green Lantern movie hitting theaters in less than a week, what better time to introduce a bunch of kids to the character? About two weeks before school ended for my daughter, I sent a stack of invitations with her to pass out to her classmates. On the front was Hal Jordan, […]

The planning began months ago. Arrangements were made. Secrets were formed – and kept. The whole thing was executed flawlessly… a first for me, I think.

After a period of relative inactivity (only Geek Dads Weekly has had any new episodes in over a month), I am excited to announce the relaunch of the four main QAQN shows. Beginning with this week’s episode of Geek Dads, the next episode of each show will be numbered with a “.1” after the episode […]

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to record an episode of Geek Dads Weekly on Sunday. We had intended to announce a winner of our Griffin Lightboard contest, but were unable to… we sincerely apologize.

I’m curious what you think about the way the FTC has imposed the disclosure rules on the internet community and why those same rules don’t apply to other mediums like television, radio and movies. Also, shouldn’t there be a requirement for everyone to disclose any kind of money-making situation, not just affiliate relationships? I mean, according to what the FTC is ostensibly trying to do?

Due to my going-on-ten-days illness, the launch of the podcasting services here at QAQN is regrettably being pushed back to March 19th.

What’s Usenet? The most apt modern comparison might be to forums or message boards. Usenet is a collection of ‘newsgroups’. Newsgroups are simply sections of Usenet where users can post messages (articles) according to a certain theme. In the newsgroup alt.music.rush, it’s about the band Rush. In rec.sport.tennis, the discussion is tennis and in comp.lang.php, it’s the PHP programming language. There are over 100,000 newsgroups covering almost any topic you can think of.

Here then, are five things you don’t know about Usenet.

Back in episode #62 of Geek Dads Weekly, and again in #64, Drew and I announced a contest wherein we’d give away five books from one of our favorite publishers, Barefoot Books. This was the original announcement: We have a new contest to announce thanks to Barefoot Books! We’d like you to call our feedback […]