Wednesday Roundup

photo credit: renaissancechambara The past couple of weeks have been exciting. I’ve started promoting my upcoming podcast consulting services, published several great episodes and made some appearances elsewhere around the web. Here’s a little recap of what’s been going on. Inside Internet Marketing has been on fire, nearly overtaking Geek Dads Weekly for the number […]

[Issue] Updating Geek Dads Weekly in iTunes

It’s never an easy thing when you’re dealing with a system that has little priority at a massive company. Apple does support podcasting, and they’ve got a good directory and it sure is easy to submit a new podcast… but once it’s there, it’s a pain to change. The transition from to is […]

In the spirit of the season: charity.

photo credit: tillwe It’s still a few weeks away, but there’s a silent auction happening at Affiliate Summit West 2011 that will benefit Affiliate Marketers Give Back, an organization put together by Missy Ward to support the fight against breast cancer. I have an item in that silent auction, and I would appreciate any support […]