I’m a pathetic blogger.

Many years ago, I created a blog. Over the course of about 4 years or so, I realized that I was terrible at blogging. I consider myself a strong writer, but a world of difference exists between writing and blogging. I’m a pathetic blogger, I really am. I closed my blog down in January 2011 and made podcasting my full-time gig. Turns out, I’m pretty good at it.

I do blog here at QAQN occasionally, though. With a week between shows, I often think of things to write that I don’t want to sit on until the next recording day, so, here we are. The QAQN blog features a diverse range of topics, from affiliate marketing to comic books, movies & television, family life and site news & updates.

photo credit: renaissancechambara The past couple of weeks have been exciting. I’ve started promoting my upcoming podcast consulting services, published several great episodes and made some appearances elsewhere around the web. Here’s a little recap of what’s been going on. Inside Internet Marketing has been on fire, nearly overtaking Geek Dads Weekly for the number […]

It’s never an easy thing when you’re dealing with a system that has little priority at a massive company. Apple does support podcasting, and they’ve got a good directory and it sure is easy to submit a new podcast… but once it’s there, it’s a pain to change. The transition from geekdadsweekly.com to qaqn.com is […]

photo credit: tillwe It’s still a few weeks away, but there’s a silent auction happening at Affiliate Summit West 2011 that will benefit Affiliate Marketers Give Back, an organization put together by Missy Ward to support the fight against breast cancer. I have an item in that silent auction, and I would appreciate any support […]

It seems that for every Cliff Huxtable (Cosby Show) we had twenty Al Bundys (Married With Children). For every Mike Brady (The Brady Bunch) or Eric Camden (7th Heaven) we had dozens of Peter Griffins (Family Guy), Ray Barones (Everybody Loves Raymond) or well, just about any father on any soap opera you can name. […]

I received an email from AT&T about protecting my iPhone. The pitch is a service that will cost me $4.99 a month for some unknown period of time. Forever, probably. I always just delete emails like this because I’m never interested in insurance of this type – I also turn down those extended plans at […]

photo credit: patti haskins Given that it’s a holiday week, there are some necessary changes to the recording schedules. The Sunday episode of Geek Dads Weekly was recorded with Drew last night and will be posted tonight. The Thursday episode of GDW will be skipped this week. Inside Internet Marketing is being given a week […]

photo credit: Hell, Etc Notable affiliate marketing industry veteran Geno Prussakov wrote a piece for his blog, Most Influential Affiliate Summit West 2011 Speakers – Top 40. Geno took the time to look at a list of all the speakers at Affiliate Summit West 2011 (affiliate link) and compare their scores at Klout.com. Geno’s rankings were […]

photo credit: Xelcise It’s Halloween! What am I doing writing a post for the site? Truth be told, I’m not much of a “Halloween guy” – haven’t been for quite a number of years, actually. I don’t even have a costume this year (at least I dyed my hair green last year, which isn’t much […]