Destroying childhoods, one cartoon at a time.

When I was growing up, my favorite cartoon was the Super Friends – specifically Challenge of the Super Friends, which ran in 1978. I’ve got them all on DVD (telling my wife of course, that they’re for our kids – sucker).

A while back Drew Bennett introduced me to Ron “Aalgar” Watt’s treatment of the G1 Transformers series on YouTube, and I thought it was brilliant. I decided I’d have a go at tearing apart – in a loving way – my own favorite kids show.

Each episode of Daniel Destroys is ripped from DVD, put through a meat-grinder (okay, iMovie) and scripted. The voiceovers are recorded in GarageBand, for now.

Unlike the other productions at QAQN, this series uses language most people don’t consider suitable for kids in both the videos and the descriptions.

It’s all-out battle as… no, that’s not right. Gaze in amazement as the Super… no, that’s not it, either. Marvel at — no, wrong company. This is DC. Okay, look. Hawkman, Wonder Woman and Black Vulcan get sucked into a black hole and the team has to go rescue them. If it had been Robin […]

The team faces the greatest threat to humanity and the planet Earth: themselves. Featuring massive worldwide destruction by Flash, Aquaman and Green Lantern. Oh, and there’s three-headed aliens. Transcript after the video and comments welcome. The quality of the picture is a lot better than last week’s. Looks like I got it figured out. I’d […]

It’s the first episode of Daniel Destroys! Woot! There’s a transcript after the video and comments are welcome. I know that the video isn’t the highest quality – there’s some blockiness, some pixelation – but I know what I did wrong. I ripped the DVD at 320×240 rather than a higher resolution, and when I […]