Geek Dads @ Home #34 – The 180 Days of Christmas


The Geek Dads welcome Eric Nagel to the show, a programmer, affiliate marketer and Christmas display enthusiast. We talk about Wordpress database backup scripts, Dropbox, Eric’s awesome displays, cloud applications and storage and backing up your files. Heavy on the Geek, light on the Dads this week!

More Not-Completely-Unnecessary Baby Products

Last week I wrote about some baby products that weren’t completely unnecessary; it was a completely unasked-for response to a post by Keith Wilcox at I promised there would be a follow-up, and here it is! Positioners, protectors and leashes – oh, my! Keith’s Part Two can be found here.

Like last time, all these are “comfort” products. They’re not required to raise a healthy, happy child. Some (okay, one) I like, others I think are quite silly.

Not Completely Unnecessary Baby Products

I was recently made aware of Keith Wilcox’s blog, In poking around, I came across his most-viewed post, Unnecessary Baby Products. Go on and read it, because this is a completely un-asked-for response to Keith’s article! Fun! Now, Keith has said that he wrote this list on the premise that the money would be […]

Geek Dads @ Home #29 – The Crying Episode


This first part of the show is dedicated to the two big news stories of the day: The Beatles and the Apple event. The Beatles have a new set of remasters and Apple has a new lineup of iPods and a new iTunes. We cover my epic failure with the show recording over the weekend (hint: don’t look for it on the site), WordPress, WordPress plugins, and Joe’s weekend camping. Swine flu is next, then car seats and horses & kids. We finish up with predicting what kids will be like as teens and attending evening events when you’ve got kids to deal with. All-in-all, a good hour of Geek Dad-ery!