With No Shurvivorsh! – or – Get Busy Swimming or Get Busy Dying! – Zap! #6/176


In which Daniel, Drew and Greg bid a fond farewell to one of the crew. Also: Facebook Timeline, Rock Sugar, Red Dwarf and Molly Danger. Only one of those four things is a rock band.

It’s a Brand New Day! – Zap! #1/171


In which Daniel, Drew and Greg manage to scrape together a series premiere at the last minute. The new show gets explained, San Diego Comic-Con gets some love, and Greg gets Pete Rose’s autograph on a comic book. Also, Drew eats hot dogs. Lots of hot dogs. Weird hot dogs.

Prelude – Zap! #0


This is the prelude episode of Zap! It serves only to inform iTunes that there is a valid RSS feed and to set up the stats with Blubrry.com. The short, 1.5 minute episode is basically just me talking about what the show is about – but if you’ve been listening to Geek Dads Weekly, you already know what it’s about because Zap! is an evolution of that very show.

Zap! premieres July 17th with a live show at 2pm Eastern.