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Podcast Consulting and Production Services

Interested in getting behind a microphone? I can help save you months of learning and trial & error by working with you one-on-one to solve a specific problem or goal. Working with a podcast consultant with the right experience means you’re working smarter; you’re learning what needs to be learned and not wasting money, time or energy.

“Daniel is a great podcasting consultant. We have worked together and have been on each other’s podcasts and he always has new information to share.” ~ Deborah Carney, via LinkedIn

The area of my expertise is in audio podcasting and internet broadcasting. I have produced and hosted nearly 300 episodes since 2008 and I have a solid understanding of what makes you sound great on a show and what you need to do it.

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What can I help you with?

  • Software installations and walkthroughs
  • Brainstorming ideas for shows
  • Helping you find your voice
  • Getting your site ready to handle a new show
  • Getting your show into the iTunes podcast directory
  • Pre-production and getting ready to record
  • Recording each show perfectly
  • Post-production, editing and adding music, stingers and advertisements
  • Hardware selection, purchase and configuration
What I won’t help you with: video production, programming & automation. I can give general pointers for places to start learning these things, but those disciplines are beyond the scope of my skill set and I want to provide you with only the best instruction.

“I was introduced to Daniel via Twitter and within a few minutes of contact, he was making time on his schedule to find out how he could help me. I hired him to help me get my Podcast up and running and the hour we spent together was extremely helpful. He was very thorough and answered all of my questions in a way I could easily understand. I will be using Daniel’s services again soon and I would recommend him to anyone looking for help with Podcasting.
~ Steve Roy, Ending the Grind

How does podcast consulting work?

The process is quite simple, really. It starts with you sending me a message via the consulting request form. I will respond via email with some questions of my own, and we will decide together if my services will work for what you need. Going forward, we will choose a day and time for our consultation, and I will send an invoice for the first hour* of the session - you will be billed after the session for any time over that first hour. On the day and time of our appointment, we will connect on Skype (with screen sharing) or by phone. Shortly after the consulting call, usually within a day, I will provide you with an audio recording of the call.

Consulting sessions take place at 9am and 2pm Eastern, a block of four hours each, on business days, excluding Tuesdays and most holidays. The entire four hour block is yours, whether you need all that time or not, and you will only be charged for the time we use. If you need an hour, you’ll get an hour. If you need two-and-a-half, you’ve got it. If, at the end of four hours, we need more time together, we will schedule another block of four hours.

*The current rate is $125/hour. The invoice for the first hour of consulting must be paid in full before the session can take place.

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A sample of an actual consulting session

Daniel is an outstanding podcaster. He has quickly become the ‘go to’ guy in the industry. He can send you down the right path to success, or take a look at why you’re stuck and help you break free to realize your podcasting dreams.”
~ Michael Buechele, Adalytical, via LinkedIn

Complete Podcast Services List

I’m happy to provide a range of services to get you up and running. In addition to consulting, you may choose from the following:

Podcast artwork creation

$199 – I will create high-quality artwork for your show. You will be provided with a 1400 x 1400 .png file, a 300 x 300 .png file and a 3000 x 3000 Photoshop file for your future use. I created all the artwork for every show on QAQN, and yours will look great at any size you need, large or small.

WordPress setup

$249 – I will set up WordPress for your podcast. This may be a completely new installation of WordPress or an existing WordPress site. Podcasting-specific plugins will be installed, a podcasting category created, and the appropriate iTunes settings set. This is a zero-to-published-podcast service.

Thesis-based WordPress site design

Does your site run the Thesis framework? I have used Thesis exclusively since 2008 and provide two levels of Thesis customization:

Starting at $999 – I will begin with a premium child theme or skin from a trusted source and customize it with your branding, color schemes, fonts and other styles.

Starting at $1,999 – I will design a wholly original Thesis-based theme for your site based on your input and ideas.

Twitter setup

Are you on Twitter yet? You should be; it’s a powerful tool for promoting your podcast. I provide Twitter account setup, customization and training.

$49 – The Basic account setup includes adding your personal info to the account and applying a default Twitter layout and theme.

$199 – The Premium account setup includes the Basic setup as well as customization of the background and color scheme to match your existing website or other design goals.

Clients who hire me to design a site for them (at either level as noted in the previous section) are entitled to the Premium Twitter setup at no charge as long as the Twitter design is based on the site design. Standard rates apply if a new design is requested.

I have been asked about Facebook, and while I would love to offer that, it is beyond the scope of my services.

Voice work

$49 – I will record a pre-roll advertisement for your show, up to 45 seconds.

$29 – I will record an introduction for your show in the format “Welcome to <the show name>, here is/are your host(s), <your name(s)>” This may be customized to include slogans or taglines.

For each type of recording, we will work together on a script.

Turnaround time

Turnaround times for all of these services will vary depending on a number of factors and will be discussed beforehand to give you the best estimate.

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