There are two things you need to know about the advertising and link practices on QAQN.com.

First, I’m an internet marketer (which is probably obvious since I do a show called Inside Internet Marketing I suppose). Specifically, I’m an affiliate marketer – sometimes referred to as a performance marketer. If you’re not familiar with the terminology, here’s it is in a nutshell: I place links on this site that contain a special code that lets the destination site know that the visitor came from this site. When the visitor clicks my link and then buys something at the destination, I get paid a small commission, like a finder’s fee. These fees can range anywhere from 1% of the sale to 20% of the sale or more.

If that worries you for some reason, please understand that the price of the item does not go up for the consumer – the commission is paid by the merchant, not the buyer.


This is an affiliate link to Learn & Master Guitar, a DVD series that teaches guitar. If you follow the link and buy the course, I’ll earn a commission on the sale.

Second, I will, from time to time, offer paid placement on the site or in the podcasts. Just as a company can buy time on a TV network during a show, this site may have advertising placed on it.

Endorsement or Approval?

The placement of affiliate links or advertising in no way implies endorsement of any product or service by me or any of my co-hosts or guests, unless explicitly stated. Why is it important to spell this out? Well, for one thing, the Federal Trade Commission has made “guidelines” that blogs, podcasts and websites have to follow that other forms of media don’t. But that’s a whole ‘nother thing that would take pages to wade through, so I’ll cut to the chase.

I’ll create an affiliate link to products I don’t endorse. I don’t drink Pepsi because I prefer Coke – but I’ll happily create an affiliate link to promote Pepsi because I approve of Pepsi. They are a fine company that millions of people enjoy. Why not run their ads if they want to run an ad here; why not create an affiliate link for them if I think that some of my audience will benefit from it?

The Bottom Line

  1. While ad space may be for sale, my opinion never is. If I truly endorse something, it’ll be because I like the product, not because I’m being paid.
  2. If you see a link on this site, it might be an affiliate link. In fact, if it’s a link out to a product, it probably is. If it’s a link out to a site like Amazon, it almost certainly is. If I sometimes forget to label an affiliate link (I’ll usually put (affiliate link) next to such a link) well, I’m human. This disclosure explains it all pretty well, I think.

There. That was fun.

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