All About the Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program

I was asked by my friend Jen Goode to head up the Newcomer Program for Affiliate Summit West (as I’ve mentioned here). After the details were worked out with Shawn & Missy, I set about the task of matching up first-time attendees with veteran volunteers who could show the newcomers the ropes. For my first time out, it went really well! It was shortly before the deadline for article proposals for FeedFront 17, when I thought, maybe I’ll take a break from podcasting articles and write up a little something about the Newcomer Program? It came together really well, almost effortless.

“Since 2008, the Newcomer Program has helped first-time attendees ease into the bustle of Affiliate Summit. Each show breaks an attendance record; it can be nerve-wracking for a first-timer to jump into a crowd of four or five thousand! As the new coordinator of the Summit West Newcomer Program, I’d like to present an overview of the program and an invitation to join us at the next Affiliate Summit.”

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