Geek Dads @ Home #12: Collect Cards & Comics, Follow Ideas


This week the Geek Dads at Home wander through topics of live streaming on the web, to collectibles and family heirlooms, around Google and Twitter again (don’t we all), and finally finish off with everyone’s favorite segment “I can’t believe I did that to my child”.

Podcasting is one of our favorite topics, and Sam’s success this past week using Rogue Amoeba Nicecast has allowed to stream live on the web.  He is building the community where listeners will be able to participate directly in the show via listening live and commenting on Twitter.

All of us who are looking to push for greater applications of web technology, we are at a stage of trial and testing to find the best approaches for moving into this next dimension of the web……  The live web.  Live streaming and direct interaction will enhance relevancy for niche audiences.

Following up on a theme that had begun earlier in the week, we were talking about baseball cards and how each of us had collections. There are unfortunate tales of collections getting tossed via yard sales and moms (grandmas).

It morphed into a conversation between Daniel and Sam about the state of comic book collecting and how as kids they would think about value and growth potential of their acquisitions.

Some collectible titles included:





Savage Dragon

And of course, Aquaman

Daniel points out the Mike Buechele from 1115 Media is going to be doing a comics podcast.

As we make the case to Daniel about using GMail and other Google apps, an unfortunate search term puts Joe in jeopardy of appearing on a Federal watch list. If his tweets stop appearing … call the authorities!

Among other nefarious characters this week who are disappearing from the twitterverse are someone named Martin Boling and an employee of Jason Calacanis at Mahalo who wasn’t correctly vetted until he was recently convicted of  releasing a bot in his youth.

@Jangro and @SamHarrelson are going through the process of trimming down the followers list again. Both agree that the use of a mobile app with massive follower numbers is unrealistic and hinders the ability to have meaningful conversations.

Tweetie, Tweetsville and Twitterific are the suggested IPhone apps.

Sam points to a great Mashable post The Twitter Followholic: An Epidemic. The author points out the quality of the audience deteriorates at a certain large number.

Remember .. Follow Ideas not People!

And we send you on your way with Dads being Dads …

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