Geek Dads @ Home #16: Do You Toodledo?


This week’s Geek Dads at Home podcast clocks in at a whopping 85 minutes worth of geekery. Since last week was devoted to all things fatherly, this week we get right to the tech, web 2.0, and productivity stuff.

However, this jammed packed podcast makes it challenging for me to produce the show notes in my usual plot intensive narrative. So, for this edition I am going to produce brief bits with links to the various applications, services and products that we discuss.


Act I

After a quick introduction of Ian Clark, Daniel has to step away to tend to his Geek Dad responsibilities, so Joe and Scott discuss a quick overview of Easter Weekend, including Happy Birthday! wishes to Alex Jangro who turned 3 over the weekend, plus a review of camping at High Falls State Park in Georgia.

Then on to a review of a new social toolbar for Firefox called Tiseme, and the other social sharing recommendation from Cloud 39, collaboration using the Diigo application.

We’re into Twitter Apps and the Seesmic Desktop versus Tweetdeck debate.

Act II

Daniel returns, and Sam Harrelson joins in to continue the conversation and shares his odd Easter Egg hunt at the Biltmore Estates.

We get back to the discussion of micro-messaging desktop apps and how Daniel is now disappointment with the recent upgrades to Nambu, driving him back to using the Tweetdeck application.

There is also a reference to Event Box and the Twitter Gadget integration with Gmail.


Daniel has to depart with Winter to head to a doctors appointment and as good Geek Dads will, we talk about the benefits of a skin rash ointment Aquaphor.

Sam shares how his IGoogle page looks with Twitter Gadget integrated.

Scott has RSS reader overload and is about to declare Reader Bankruptcy, and we talk about FriendfeedDelicious and if you don’t already, you can get great stuff by subscribing to Sam’s Shared Items.

Scott has a post coming on Cloud 39 about the new task manager / get things done client called ToodleDo including the oragami pocket list it provides…. no, seriously it does!

Finally we transfer offline and discuss the merits of journaling and keeping Moleskins for recording the life stream.

Hopefully, this conversation will be motivation for some (as it is for us) to take the time to thoughtfully observe and record what is going on around you.  This point didn’t come to me during the recording, but I just realized that our online activities are quick, short, bursts, and even personal blogs play towards the attention spans of online readers, which is quite honestly, very short.  Finding a quality journal to make personal entries, and carving out some time in our “live streaming” lives to record observations will provide a much deeper penetration into who we really are, and will leave a long standing legacy.

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