Geek Dads at Home #23 – Drywall


Today on Geek Dads @ Home we invited a special guest Ben Byrne to join us on the podcast, as well as an old friend and original Geek Dad, Sam Harrelson.  We continue to put the offer out there for anyone  interested in coming on the show to chat with us, we would love to hear from you.

Initially the podcast starts with Joe discussing the upcoming time when Leigh heads for Alaska with a group of students, and the challenges of handling the household solo for awhile.  It will make for great Geek Dads conversations discussing dual meals, baths, bedtimes as well as yard work and usual chores.

We bring Ben on board the podcast and find out that he is a brand new Geek 217421-101433-drywall_largeDad after the birth of his first daughter Nora seven weeks ago!  Ben is going through the process of transitioning from a former employer into a freelance creative, having his wife go back to get a degree, and then having a baby.  We call that piling on!

After we discuss some early baby sleeping patterns, we get into a discussion about Ben’s business and the changing aspects of the creative fields in regards to spec work, crowdsourcing and the impact that it is having on the value of graphic design services. Do we lose the underlying higher skill sets and knowledge of good design when we all are turning to “paint by numbers”?

Ben recommends a web site called Brand New where they deconstruct corporate identity and brand work.

Before we move on to the next topic, we invite Sam Harrelson into the conversation for an update on where he is at these days.

The Apollo 11 mission anniversary re-creation has been awesome this past week.  We Choose The broadcast the communication between Mission Control and the Astronauts from launch to landing, as well as some great interactive graphics. used the actual CBS, Walter Cronkite footage to give viewers a look into what it was like at that time.  Plus, you could see the communications over Twitter by following @AP11_CAPCOM, @AP11_SPACECRAFT, and @AP11_EAGLE .  Although we have hit the anniversary of the return splashdown, the site is still live to continue providing this coverage.

We visit one of our favorite topics which is speculation about what experiences will be like for our daughter’s generation in regards to technology.

Discussing full access to technology and the web as Sam develops a curriculum for his classroom strikes a nerve, we discover that Ben has had previous experience working for Free Press and the work they are doing with an organization called Internet for Everyone. is a site where you can give your opinion to the FCC and how policy is being set for wiring everyone and closing the digital divide.

We conclude the conversation getting into the impact that broadband will have as it opens up cloud computing options and in particular if it will impact the world of graphics.  We speculate in the near future it is mostly a data storage impact.

Again, we want to thank Sam and Ben for joining us on the podcast and extend the invitation to others who may be interested in appearing.  Drop us a line via the contact form, we’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Man, you always embarrass me with the quality of your show notes. Well done, my friend. Sorry about my voice – now that I'm listening to it, I can totally hear that my cold hadn't quite cleared up! lol

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