Geek Dads @ Home #19: Fish On!


[show notes by Daniel Clark]

It’s pretty much all my fault. I was out of town last Wednesday, so we couldn’t record on time, and then when we got together on Friday, I was in charge of production – which I couldn’t finalize until today. Many apologies to the guys… I’ll do better next time!

Despite my (apparently) best efforts, we had a great show. Topics this week include:

  • My family’s traveling adventures and keeping kids entertained on long drives. Scott likens me to a rock star’s wife – always on the move (we’re not gone *that* much!) – and Joe asks if we trash the hotel rooms. Yeah, we do.
  • When travelling with young kids, if you can swing a suite don’t hesitate.
  • Scott’s daughter turned 12 and got an iPod Touch! Lucky kid… I don’t have an iPod Touch, and I’m jealous.
  • At what age do you give a kid a cell phone? How much freedom should they have with a cell phone?
  • Don’t leave the door of your freezer overnight. Trust Scott when he tells you, it’s not fun.
  • School seasons and schedules
  • Muggy, frappes, grinders, coffee milk and other New England-isms
  • Joe’s Memorial Day excursion with the girls – riding the train around Atlanta! Fortunately, there was no riff-raff on the train that day.
  • Scott tells the tale of the home renovation he’s going through right now (boooo to wallpaper) and the acrobatics required to navigate new flooring.
  • The remodeling is due in part to Scott’s fish tanks, which he explains in great detail (our longest segment of the show this week) – and which leads into a discussion about how awesome basements are. If my next home has a basement, I’ll seriously consider fish. We also cover the ins and outs of salt water coral tanks.
  • Pool tables at home, basement bars.
  • Being a packrat, especially for books and electronics. We all agree that if they want people to recycle electronics, it needs to be much easier and cheaper than tossing it in a trash can.
  • Disposing of motor oil and paint.
  • Finally, of course, Twitter and Kukral. I wasn’t hating on him! Jim’s a good guy. Spymaster, a Twitter-based game, gets some coverage. I compare it to Utopia and Earth 2025, which may or may not be very accurate. Scott updates us on his experiment with running two Twitter accounts – one where he autofollows everyone back, and one that he keeps very small and personal.

…and that wraps up this episode of GDAH. We’d love to hear what you think!

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