Geek Dads @ Home #5: Looking Ahead




The GeekDads@Home (Scott Jangro, Daniel M. Clark, Joe Magennis and Sam Harrelson) circled the changing table for another episode.

Clearly, the big news of the week had to do with the inauguration of Barack H. Obama as the 44th President of the United States.  First, the gang discussed how this inauguration differed from inaugurations of the past with the use of social media, Facebook integrations, Twitter survival, mobile phones and mainstream geekery (like Microsoft’s awesome Photosynth debut).

Along those lines, the conversation morphs into a discussion of the possibilities that come with this national attention on politics and if/how future generations will view politics differently than the current crop of parent and adults.

And, Twitter stayed up!

Next, the group discusses some of the more interesting and geek-notable functions of the new site and how technologies such as comments, RSS, podcasts and blogs will be second nature to our children as they grow up digital.

After a conversation about how parents should be great role models and demonstrate reading and listening to good music, the group starts their new weekly segment entitled “I Can’t Believe I Did That To My Kid.”  This week’s segment is a sad and bloody tale.

The show runs a hope-filled 50 minutes.


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