Geek Dads @ Home #30 – Lots of Links


We get through the two big Dad events of the week pretty quickly in this week’s episode of Geek Dads at Home. It’s number 30!

First and foremost, the big story in the Magennis family this week is that Lily is officially among the ranks of walkers. This mode of transportation is a Game Changer.

The downfall of mobility befell Winter earlier in the day as she took a complete tumble down the length of a staircase. Fortunately kids of any age are easy to rebound, with loose and limber limbs they can bounce right back from something like that.

We got into some long discussions about Geek News, podcasting, and system backups (both local and cloud based).

Some Links:

Google Acquires Recaptcha – They are using your skills at entering the captcha’s to help them solve issues in character recognition!

Facebook Lite – Is this just a version of Twitter under the Facebook banner?

Geek Cast Live at Affiliate Summit East 2009, Will there be another one in Vegas in 2010?

SBBuzz Twitter Chat a weekly gathering of folks on Twitter covering topics of interest to small business owners.  This week we chatted about podcasts, or maybe using another vernacular NetCasts You Love.

Twit has developed a stream for integration into the Ustream Iphone App feeding the stream to the phone!

Does Google Adsense create an immediate impression in the minds of your visitors.

This Week in Google tips that comes from Gina Trapani.  You’ll love this Firefox add-on that will pin and favicon size your constantly used tabs.  They save you so much room across the tab bar!

Daniel has shifted his attention from using Firefox and moved over to Safari.  He did encounter some issues when watching Hulu, and discovered there were flash problems. He is running a Safari plugin called Clicktoflash as a way to prevent some sites from instantly loading.

Check out to see some serious Flash usage.

In case you missed it, DragonCon was here in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, and it’s always been interesting to wonder why this event was attracted to a conservative city in the south… It’s part of Daniel’s bucket list.

Let’s talk about Backups:

Jungledisk service syncing with Amazon S3. This service costs .15 cents per GB per month

Dropbox service is something that Daniel is considering after the data recovery experts have saved his photos

@Backup service – now a part of Symantec

Safepass bank account security

Go for the Drobo Daniel!

External harddrive snapshot from

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