Geek Dads @ Home #10: We Talk Way Too Much About the Jonas Brothers


OMG! They're so DREAMY!This week on the Geek Dads @ Home podcast…

[show notes by Daniel M. Clark]

  • I’m back! I missed the recording last week and the guys give me a hard time about it.
  • Joe’s daughter has her first teeth coming in!
  • Don’t you wish you could talk to the kids and get a response? We cover baby sign language and how it can lead to fewer frustration-borne temper tantrums.
  • The educational benefits of kids’ television – Sesame Street and Little Einsteins.
  • Will our kids have memories later in life of the music they hear on shows like Little Einsteins? I remembered songs by Fleetwood Mac that I hadn’t heard since about 1978 later in life, and Scott remembers England Dan and John Ford Coley really well from that period.
  • We talk about our kids having less of a frame of reference when it comes to music albums as opposed to individual tracks, then we rip on manufactured bands like the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus. Scott admits to having Taylor Swift, Miley and Jonas Brothers Pandora stations.
  • Daddies Sing Goodnight gets heavy rotation at Joe’s house.
  • Sam knows way too much about Hanson’s post-MmmmmmBop period.
  • We get into of parents not being down with the music of the new generations and bash manufactured bands a little more. I admit to being a fan of the Monkees. Scott’s daughter is a massive Miley fan – she is, in Scott’s words, obsessed.
  • Sam admits to being a Kurt Cobain stalker fan. Joe is a member of the KISS ARMY! (It’s like the mafia, once you’re in, you’re always in).
  • Sam references Danger Mouse and The Grey Album.
  • I think we’re almost to the point where once the Beatles finally get on iTunes, nobody is going to care – that leads into a long discussion about the Beatles – Sam and Joe are big, big fans. Me and Scott are pretty quiet. (pssst – Joe has a bootleg! Don’t tell Sir Paul!)
  • We talk about U2 a little bit, and I take a firm anti-Rattle and Hum stance.
  • Magpie. Don’t do it. Seriously.
  • We can’t have a show without mentioning Twitter and Jim Kukral.
  • iJustine is getting Twitter-spoofed. This is NOT iJustine: (that account was actually suspended at some point after we recorded).
  • What’s Twitter going to be like for our kids? Will it be around? Will it morph into a protocol like http or ftp?
  • Voice control and speech recognition for computers, and Scott talks about his history working at Dragon during early versions of Naturally Speaking.
  • We ponder the future of audio and video in personal communications vs. text.
  • DB is the new RT!
  • Our kids all generally love talking on the phone.
  • I relate a story about a Comcast rep who couldn’t take no for an answer because she wouldn’t deviate from the script.
  • We wrap with some discussion about Joe having a rough night (and hopefully tonight is going better).

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